"From her "Bachelor of Ugliness", 1955"

Now before I add the following contribution to Ann Street Memories I should tell you that I lived with Van and Gloria Ingram and children the summer before Virginia and I married on August 19, 1955. I was traveling with the college quartet (Paul Brown, Bill Hall, Charles Westbrook and myself). The Ingram children were Tommy, Rebecca and Patsy, who was the new baby. Gloria will often remind me that I would not permit Patsy to cry very long before I would pick her up and hold her. Rebecca was a pretty little girl that was at an age when she was very impressionable. I told her that I would be embarrassed to include he  remembrance of me on this blog but she insisted that I do so. In the school year of 1954-55, Virginia and I were awarded the titles of Mr. A.C.C. and Miss A.C.C. but that is not what they called the men’s award back then. Like other colleges the male was referred to as the ‘Bachelor of Ugliness’ (The Sheaf, 1955). That title was changed the next school year to Mr. A.C.C. Now for you younger people, that is a part of the ancient history of the old campus years.

“My grandparents, Van and Bessie Ingram and my family lived on Ann Street across from the Montgomery Bible College campus in the early fifties. After we moved away for my dad Van B. Ingram, Jr. to preach for the church in East Point , Georgia , I would visit "Mom Emy" and go to the dining hall with her to "help" her cook for the students. Those were good times, but this memory comes from much earlier during my preschool years. I thought Raymond Elliott was the handsomest man I had ever seen! I think he lived with us for a little while and I just loved to look at him. One day I overheard the grown-ups talking about him being named bachelor of ugliness at the college and I was crushed! It made no sense to me how anyone could think my beautiful Raymond was ugly! What was wrong with those people, and what would they consider handsome?! I remember feeling appalled (although I didn't know the name for that emotion then), confused, and a bit angry, and the funny thing was no one else seemed sad about it. Probably I never discussed it with anyone, nor did I change my opinion--guess Virginia agreed with me!” ~ Rebecca Ingram Click

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