I Remember ~

There are wonderful memories of our days on the "old campus" and of the friendships made in those years. Many of those friendships continue to this day, and they are indeed precious to us. Raymond is among my friends from those early years at MBC. James and Foye Watkins brought him there from Summerville , Ga. I also remember meeting his sweet mother.

How times have changed! My dear friend, Sally Greer ( Wadsworth ), and I would sometimes walk across the campus holding hands (junior high age). This was perfectly alright and did not raise any eyebrows. We remain friends until this day.

The tuition was $10.00 a month for students living in town who attended classes in the Jr. and Sr. school. It did not come easy for my daddy. I didn't properly appreciate his sacrifice then, but I am so thankful he saw the value of a Christian education. My life could have turned out quite differently had I not had the privilege of attending MBC/ACC. The influence of godly Christian teachers and friends is priceless. I will write more another time.

Danna Myers Cofer, Searcy, Arkansas
I started elementary school in 1956 when I in first grade and continued in school on the Ann Street campus until we moved to the new campus when I was in the tenth grade. I went on to graduate there in 1968. I have so many memories of that campus from the first grade, when my friend Nancy and I got to go out and swing because we were the only ones not crying, to listening to the radio tell of the assassination of JFK while on the old red clay volley ball court. I remember going out to play with our dolls we brought to school on the field across from the high school building. I could go on and on, but I will wait for another time.

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