Because Alabama Christian College was small and the teachers were all Christians, the relationship between the faculty and the student body was usually very close. I believe it was in my sophomore year (1954-55) that I enrolled in a Greek class that was taught by JIM MASSEY. He also taught Bible courses. He was a graduate of Harding College and came to ACC to teach. He and another single teacher, Emmitt Mullins lived in the boy’s dormitory that was located on the backside of the campus. They became good friends. I know first hand how intelligent brother Massey was and that he was indeed a fine Christian gentleman. I considered him as a good friend. But there was another side to Jim (I will refer to him by his first name now that I am older). Believe it or not this brother had a mischievous side to his otherwise serious demeanor. He enjoyed a good laugh and he enjoyed making others laugh at some of his attics.

I have a vivid picture in my mind of seeing Jim jump on a table and squat, stick out his bottom lip and turn his hands backward and then he would bounce around while making noises that reminded you of an animal that you might see in a zoo or in a movie of Tarzan and one of his pets. Also he would sometimes swing around a pole. I am not going to mention the specific animal but Jim was really ‘monkeying around’ at times. He was proving to us that our instructors were actually human after all. Virginia ’s sister, Ann, who attended Harding College knew Jim as a student and knew that he was known for this action there. Of course, at that time he did not have a wife to inform him not to act that way. She would come later.“A ROOM FULL OF ROSES” – HARDLY EVER
Because of the fellows in the dormitory who threw the Montgomery Advertiser, there was always an abundance of the papers to be found in the building. Well, would you believe that our Greek Professor got some of the students to take each sheet and wad it up and throw it in the room of his friend Emmitt Mullins? Those guys filled the room so full that Emmitt could not open the door wide enough to get into his room. Well when brother Coleman Boyd, who kept everything under control as the dorm keeper, heard about this stunt he had Jim and the students remove every sheet of paper and fold it up. No need to tell you but it was very late that night before these little angels got to bed, only to arise early the next morning to throw the Advertiser. Oh, the memories of dormitory life!

When Emmitt got married, he and his new bride were going to leave Montgomery in a relatively new white automobile. Would you believe that the Greek Professor led two innocent college students astray by having them to write on that white car the words JUST MARRIED and a few more slogans? My, for some unknown reasons the wedding party was greatly upset. Emmitt and others tried various methods of cleaning the words off and they concluded that it could not be done. Rumors were going around that a lawsuit might be in the works. Those poor innocent young men who did that dastardly deed became frightened and trembled with fear. It was then that someone suggested soap and water and the black shoe polish disappeared. It is not mine to disclose the names of those two inexperienced country boys but I will say that Jesse Phillips and I have always had a real sense of sympathy for them.

Well brother Jim Massey believed and taught it. I looked in the 1955 Sheaf to find a picture of him to place in ANN STREET MEMORIES and here it is. Read carefully what he taught at Alabama Christian College . I can almost hear him laugh as to how twisted fate can be, especially when the joke comes back to you.
There was this pretty coed that caught the eye of Jim and he fell in love with Joyce Brewer. They were married on November 21, 1954 in the East Tallassee church building where Jim preached. They were meant for one another and complimented each other in their labors of love in the kingdom of God . The small chorus from Alabama Christian College sang at their beautiful wedding.

Back Row, L-R: John David Parker, Bill Hall, Raymond Elliott, Charles Westbrooks
Front Row, L-R: Mary Turner Hargis, Patricia Holmes Russell, Virginia Slaughter Elliott, Harriet Haynes Parker

Our dear friend and brother went home to be with the Lord on July 16, 1995. Jim and Joyce served the Lord faithfully for the 41 years they lived together as husband and wife. They were active in mission work as well as laboring with various congregations. Jim wrote material and books to be used and read by brethren. His influence will continue to be felt by those who knew him and those who read his material. It was a true joy to know this fine Christian gentleman. I still communicate with Joyce and esteem her highly as she continues to serve our Lord Jesus Christ.

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